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Hosted by Dr. Mollie Marti

Every day a community is hit by a hardship that impacts everyone who lives there. What does the research say about building strong, resilient communities, organizations, families and individuals? Where can you turn for proven and practical tools to cope with loss and adversity? How can you turn hardship into growth? Resiliency Matters.

Join resilience researcher and Worldmaker International CEO, Dr. Mollie Marti, as she explores how we can prepare for, adapt to, and grow through the emotional and mental toll of dealing with adversities, such as overwhelming daily stressors, natural disasters, civil unrest, and mental health crises.

In Resiliency Matters, Dr. Marti interviews local, national, and global experts who offer practical tools to help parents, educators, military personnel, health professionals, and community leaders strengthen themselves – and others. Our goal? Creating a world where all are supported to thrive. Please remember that help is available and we THRIVE together. Join us!

Sundays at 7:30 AM
Mondays at 2:00 PM