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Hosted by Joe Alton

If you're interested in expanding your musical horizons or just picking up a new hobby, why not check out the Guitar Department. Local musician Joe Alton walks you through the basics of learning how to play the Guitar.

Each week Joe highlights a different song and examines how bands like AC/DC, Cold Play, and Nirvana achieve the signature sound on some of their greatest hits. Joe also demos a variety of guitars, pedals, and amps for you to learn how different combinations are used learn to capture a particular feel.

If you are looking for a new hobby or want to brush up on your musical skills, join Joe Alton on the Guitar Department. Joe will break down the riffs of some of the most popular songs on the radio. If you want to capture the sound of Nirvana, AC/Dc, or Van Halen, Joe will walk you through the measures string by string and fret by fret. The Guitar Department also features pedals and amps from Reiman Music to help you craft your signature sound. It’s a learning experience on MC22 with Joe Alton and the Guitar Department.

Sundays at 10:30 AM